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Professional support and services are available for libjpeg-turbo at reasonable hourly rates.

My resume can be found on my LinkedIn profile. You can also contact me through direct e-mail by clicking here .

Why Invest in Open Source?

Sponsorship of an open source project is different from the proprietary model of development with which many companies may be familiar. When contracting with a software developer, a company will usually secure their rights to the code by asking the developer to sign an intellectual property agreement that assigns ownership of the code to the company. With open source code, however, your rights to the code are automatically granted through the open source license, not through a contract. The open source license is such that your organization-- and anyone else-- can use the software freely, even though you don't technically "own" it.

You can think of open source sponsorship as a "pay it forward" system. Whereas your investment in an open source project produces technology that others can also leverage, others have already paid for technology that your organization can leverage (or is currently leveraging.) Thus, the advantage to your organization from investing in open source is that you can pay for only the enhancements/fixes that you need rather than paying for the whole product. Bear in mind that a lot of money has been invested into the development of libjpeg-turbo over the years, and at least that much money would have to be invested in any proprietary software product that attempted to provide the same functionality. However, paying to add a specific feature or fix generally only costs 3-4 figures rather than 6 or 7. You can also get free testing resources from the community, assuming others are interested in the feature that you are funding.

Hot Projects

If your organization could benefit from one or more of the proposed modifications below, please consider funding the development of that feature.

  • Support for AVX2 (256-bit integer SIMD) instructions to increase performance on recent Intel/AMD chips (development hardware secured-- seeking full or partial sponsorship of labor necessary to implement the extensions)

You can also view a more comprehensive list of bugs and feature requests on GitHub that are in need of funded development, as well as contributed patches for major features that are in need of funding for integration and testing labor.

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